Friday, February 22, 2008

Thanks for Reading. Signing Off...

I recently got caught up in a controversy against my will. My previous blog post was picked up by another popular Boston blog. Parts of my post were taken out of context, and I received many dozens of defamatory comments, some calling me a racist, others urging me to go back home (and yes, some reasonably defended my post). I even got contacted by a reporter, interested in covering this controversy.

While I have much to say in my defense, and while it may be flattering that hundreds of people are so concerned with what I think, the bottom line is I am not interested in a public debate. I found myself removing my picture, and all mentioning of my name and my wife's name yesterday.

My only purpose of running this blog is and always has been to keep my friends and family (and other Israelis) informed of what is going on in my life. I don't want it to become a platform for local Bostonians to discuss topics that are clearly very touchy. I am shutting down this blog immediately and removing all previous posts. I may start a password-protected blog. I may turn this into an e-mail newsletter. I may not.

Thanks for reading!

Signing off.